Comune di Seravezza – Fondazione Terre Medicee

Fondazione Terre MediceeThe Terre Medicee Foundation, established in 2010, has covers since then an active role in the design and promotion of cultural events in the field of visual, plaster arts and the theatre.

The Foundation headquarters are in Seravezza, situated at the foot of the Apuan Alps, in Versilia, Province of Lucca, Tuscany – Italy, in the historic Villa Medicea built by the Grand Duke Cosimo I De’ Medici whose possessions extended also to this part of Tuscany, and now the Foundation has applied, along with other Medici villas, to become a Unesco World Heritage site.
Inside the Villa Medicea, on the second floor there is the Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia, particularly appreciated for the section dedicated to the work activities in the quarry and marble.

We can’t forget that the name of Seravezza and its history is strongly linked to the presence of the Medici’s family but above all to Michelangelo:it is thanks to the great master, that the first tract of road leading to the quarries above the village of Seravezza was opened and certainly it is with him that the town begins to consider the marble an economic resource capable of creating an armature such as to support the local economy still enduring despite this difficult economic-historical period.

The marble and stone are an integral part of the history, tradition and social-economic of the cultural identity of our land and represent a particular interest in the promotion and artistic programming of our Foundation, both at national and international level, in search for a common language that through creativity and beauty, continue to speak to the heart and soul of the people maybe waking up enthusiasm and values now sadly dormant.

From its establishment the Foundation operates with the intent to enhance and promote the territory and its architectural and natural history resources, having had significant collaboration with local institutions, such as the prestigious Henraux Foundation – Henraux SPA, the MUSA – Virtual Museum of sculpture and architecture, the Foundry Del Chiaro and numerous artists working in various fields.

In facts after the last important recovery of the Villa Medicea, with the restoration of the Grand Ducal Stables and the lawn, there had been a strong need to create an autonomous institution with the aim of managing the Villa Medicea and its cultural activities.
The members of the Foundation are public and private. Among them the Provincia of Lucca and some important local companies.

Each year, the cultural program of the Foundation is full of events and exhibitions that attract the attention of mainstream media (TV, newspapers, magazines) and above all can boast an increasingly number of visitors, due to the quality of the proposals resulting by the collaborations with important cultural institutions.

A special attention is also given to the theater activity that finds its highest expression in the theatre festival dedicated to narrative theater: the theater as a spokesperson for the reality.

The events organized during the year by the Foundation range over various cultural sectors; from art to gastronomy, theater, educational and playful workshops for children, in this way addressing to a target very wide both in age and interests.


Fondazione Terre Medicee
Viale Leonetto Amadei
55047 Seravezza (LU)


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Direttore: Franco Carli –
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