Action Plan on Adult learning – It’s never too late to learn

The purpose of this Action Plan is to develop an efficient adult learning system accessible to everyone.

The main objectives relate to participation, the quality and efficiency of the system, recognition of the results of learning and the monitoring of this sector.

Adult learning opportunities are not keeping pace with the needs of individuals and society.

Investing in lifelong learning is essential, but the benchmark indicator for adult participation (age 25 to 64) in lifelong learning is stagnating rather than increasing in the European Union (EU).

The Action Plan aims to make lifelong learning a reality, with emphasis on the adult learning sector.

Adult learning concerns underqualified people or those whose professional skills are obsolete.

This Action Plan aims to make it possible for them to acquire key competences at all stages in their lives.

In order to develop this Action Plan, the Communication draws on the results of a wide-ranging consultation organised in the first half of 2007 with the Member States, representatives of the Ministries of Education and Employment, social partners and NGOs involved in adult learning.